About CataCoin

CataCoin is a coin circulation machine that provides consumers the option of exchanging their coins
for cash, vouchers, charitable donations, among others. While clients use CataCoin they are shown a
brief advertisement, capitalizing upon the opportunity of having clients’ undivided attention.

In 2012, Cata Company combined an innovative idea with an amazing opportunity, making way for a business model that had yet to be implemented in Brazil, solving not only the issue of coin circulation plaguing businesses, but aiding the Brazilian government with their coin production budget crunch, and protecting the environment by reducing mineral extractions.

CataCoin is present throughout Brazil, including five out of 10 of Brazil’s top supermarket chains. We expanded our reach and have machines hosted in over 130 retail chains across a variety of segments – supermarkets, drugstores, shopping malls, gas stations, fast food chains, and others. CataCoin has returned over 150 million coins to circulation in Brazil.


Besides being a definitive solution for the coin shortage for change, CataCoin leverages sales and offers series of advantages for your business.
While it reduces logistic costs, increases the efficiency of the cash management and the whole closing process of the cashier is enhanced.
As well as it´s a tool for publicity, it increases the income without changing any operational process.

Control panel permits monitoring in real-time all deposits and details, generates infographics and financial
reports, monitores technical performance and accounts for each transaction in a consolidated format.



Slim model
Patented coin filtration technology
Intuitive use with touch screen



Real-time monitoring
Guaranteed accurate count
Optional interactive game



Customized colors and logos
Inviting concept
Joystick for kids to play

Control Panel

Coin deposit and exchange

Real-time monitoring of coin deposits and breakdown of different exchange offerings


Integration with POS systems to validate coin vouchers


Financial reports and graphical representation of coin deposits

User Roles

Register and remove users with different permission levels remotely


Real-time monitoring of machine functionality, preventative maintenance and error warnings


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More value for your coins

CataCoin has “upped the ante” in what a coin circulation machine can and should offer their clients. A slim design, fully customizable exterior, and inviting concept attracts clients to exchange their coins at our machines, free from excessive exchange fees. Host locations are able to offer a free or subsidized service by showing tailored advertisements that showcase their own products and services.

Benefits for banks

With CataCoin, your bank will be able to offer a free or subsidized coin exchange service, show tailored advertisements to inform clients about new products and services, and confirm coin exchange details through a remote monitoring portal.

Generate new revenue

Charge non-clients to use machine

Advertising Portal

Use platform to show new products and services or lease the advertising space

Client Traffic

Give clients a reason to come to your location

Service business clients

Coin drop for business clients

Optimize employee time

Service clients without wasting time with coins

Benefits for end users

Value added services

Connect CataCoin to strategic partners


Cost-effective coin drop locations

Easy to use

Intuitive touch screen and innovative coin sorter

Family experience

Incentives for kids to save coins

Market Opportunity in US

In spite of the misconception that cash is on its way out, eighty-five percent of all transactions globally are made in cash and forty percent of transactions here in the US as well. Stable economies such as the US are able to guarantee the value of even their smallest denominations and count on frequent circulation of coins within their borders.

In fact, 80% of American households actively save coins and 90% of those coin savers exchange their coins.

How the coins are exchanged:

Coin machines at retailers

34% of coin savers exchange their coins at retail locations with coin recirculation machines

Coin machine at banks

11% use coin recirculation machines at financial institutions

Bring coins to the teller

19% bring the coins to a financial institution but do not use the machine

Roll their own coins

26% fill coin rolls

Keep in the piggy bank

10% do not exchange their coins

Source: 2011 Branmark study

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